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A Humanitarian Benevolent Charity Dedicated to the Upliftment & Education of those in Crisis or Overwhelmed by Life's Circumstances. Est 1995.

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Youth Life Skills Program

Youth Life skills

Welcome Australia's Youth Program, offers each local community the opportunity to participate in and be part of an exiting developmental program for any young adults at risk. The program invites parents to share the experience of their children’s adventures and life skills that they will inherit by their involvement in this program.

To offer Young Australians the opportunity to experience, achieve and understand life, through their own expanded awareness and self effort.

The objective of this program is to uplift the lives of young Australians who may be experiencing difficulties or severe pain or loss of a loving parent, rejection or abandonment, lack of empathy, bonding, communication or inadequate parental participation, involvement and or support in their lives.
Many of these young people have given up any will to learn at school, they view and experience life without direction, purpose or self worth. Many of these young people turn to excessive alcohol, drugs and crime as an escape or to demonstrate to Society their frustration and hopelessness. Their behaviour is mostly a cry for help. This program will enable them to see and experience life with renewed purpose and vission.

A notice is sent to all Social Welfare, Schools and Community Organizations within each community zone, informing them of Welcome Youth At Risk Program, explaining the great benefits and opportunities available for these particular young adults that may be displaying behaviour resulting from the consequences of their pains and hopelessness in life. The young adults referred, may then register for the Program.
Welcome Australia engages highly qualified members of the community to train or teach the required skills. The  five  categories to this program are optional and adaptable to suit the needs and ability of each individual.  
All levels of communities are invited to participate in this program to include, local councils, businesses, sporting individuals and organizations, service clubs, retired volunteers and parents.

 The program categories are;
1.   Self Development
To participate in an adapted version of “My Life Matter’s” Program, expanded physical and mental strengthening,  with specialised academic skills if required, while at the same time participating in other uplifting activities. 

2.  Physical Expression.
Adventure courses and activities. eg. Climbing, sailing and bush skills, Aikido (The Art of Peace), Sports and numerous other activities.

3.   Music and Artistic Expression. 
To participate in Welcomes Music Program, providing the opportunity to learn an instrument of their choice, to participate in an annual concert and offer the availability of a recording studio and the opportunity to lean the skills of photography, painting, crafts enabling them to express their own creativeness.

 4.  Nature.
Nature links courses. eg. Wild life appreciation together with hands on learning chemical free permaculture gardening projects that enable youth to understand the importance of nutrition and learn the techniques of growing their own food. They may then partake in Welcome's community gardens projects or a Welcome Co-operative. 

 5.  Employment.
The goal of Welcome Australia is to develop the individual youth to reach their full creative and skill potential. Once trained in their skill of choice they are invited to join a Welcome franchise co-operative where they become a young entrepreneur and shared business owner learning each of the additional skill related in running their business. This opportunity and facility provides the young to experience the rich rewards of their individual efforts with a life of independence and income freedom rather than becoming an employee often on minimal wages.    

6.   Community Input.
To provide the participants with the opportunity to experience Community awareness and input by identifying and offering assistance for the elderly and lonely in their own neighbourhood.

Family and Community Benefits.  The benefits of this Program not only uplifts the lives of Young Adults, it will assist in creating a more stability and happy Family and Community Life. These benefits include adolescent stability, with the absence of stress, anxiety, frustration, violence, drugs and alcoholism, replaced by self awareness, contentment, expression, education, and a new life of caring and belonging.

In Conclusion, Welcome Australia’s Community Youth Project, brings to the young adults a package of holistic change, which unfolds within each to enrich their lives and those of their entire community. 

Partnerships: Welcome Australia, offers to train and establish this program with community youth groups or organisations. Please Contact Us

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