Welcome Australia
A Humanitarian Benevolent Charity Dedicated to the Upliftment & Education of those in Crisis or Overwhelmed by Life's Circumstances. Est 1995.

May Everyone Be Happy

Social Justice

Welcome Australia recognises and supports the rights of every Australia to live in peace and harmony free from all injustices.

Unfortunately, we have had numerous areas of social injustices bought to our attention with requests for assistance. These areas appear to clearly breach both Australian and often International Law yet for some reason have not been addressed thus causing much unnecessary pain and hardship to so many.

Welcome Australia endeavours to communicate on behalf of Australians to those responsible in order to right the situation. Where there is either no responce or assitance to address the matter, Welcome Australia will proceed to communicate with Members of Parliament before seeking legal remodies.

An Invitation.
​We wish to invite all levels of the legal fraternity to offer their assistance, either via legal advise or representation for those seeking assistance. Would you be so kind as to contact us with your areas of specialty. thank you. 

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