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Mental Health & Depression

 Mental Health

In today's world it appears the terms Mental Health and Mental Illness have been applied to an individual's state of natural emotions and responses to events or circumstances of every day life, thus reflecting one's state of inner stability and capacity to emotionally cope with the pressures and influences of the modern world.

These pressures and influences may vary in accordance with the nature of information, nutritional intake, education, media and music content, surroundings  and environmental aspects that have become embedded in the layers of the subconscious memory and in every living cell, only to be eventually portrayed as behaviour, thought and ability to comprehend and emotionally cope.  

 What Has Changed?

What was once regarded as a natural and acceptable response to daily pressures, exhaustion, upsets, disappointments, sadness’s, etc, was met with empathy, understanding, compassion and assistance. 

Whereas today, these perfectly natural responses have been dissected into hundreds of categories with extraordinary labels that render the victim of such into the power and control of an industry fronted by individuals professing to be unquestionable, unanswerable and unaccountable for the misdiagnosis, malpractice and crimes against the very soul of human development and purpose of life.

Whilst many of these individuals may be naïve, ill-informed and or ill-educated, many know that the psychotropic medications administered to you contain chemicals that will damage key components of your brain such as your frontal lobe, your pituitary gland and your pineal gland. 


A depression is a celestial trough or hollow, a decrease in force or activities. When an individual experiences a state of depression, they experience a significant drop in energy, they appear somewhat weaker and lacking in life force or vitality, invariably they may be experiencing sadness. But what has created this situation? 

When an individual is continually denied their inherent drive to express, achieve or create they become frustrated, or when an individual suffers extreme loss or suffers from rejection, hopelessness or unworthiness or they are constantly subjected to pressure, manipulation, bullying, financial stress or a death of someone close, they may well experience a state of depression.

At this stage the brains coping mechanism becomes overwhelmed and exhausted, it has had enough, it wishes to rest, to recuperate, perhaps in a celestial trough where it is drawn to rest. The blueprint of self repair is inbred in our subtle DNA as our path to recovery.

Our ability to rise above adversity or collapse under its weight is often due to the brains natural chemical levels of serotonin which may well have become depleted. 

Through ignorance modern man must drive the individual on by whatever means possible including medication. Those suffering from depression (state of anexhausted brain) are usually in great emotional pain or in shock.

When the human body becomes exhausted, we lay it to rest, we allow it to enjoy deep sleep and sufficient rest until rejuvenated. Normally we don't load it up with 'No Doze' capsules or force it to remain awake to work on day after day without a break. The consequence of this would surly be a physical breakdown.

Likewise the Brain requires the same empathy, understanding and compassion as shown to the body.

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