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A Humanitarian Benevolent Charity Dedicated to the Upliftment & Education of those in Crisis or Overwhelmed by Life's Circumstances. Est 1995.

May Everyone Be Happy

May Everyone Be Happy

Everyone wants to be happy, really happy inside all of the time.  So what may be preventing us from experiencing this natural state of happiness?   Perhaps we have been looking outside of ourselves for someone or something to provide our happiness and have forgotten the spontaneous happiness we once experienced as children.

To Quote Saint Francis. "That for which we are looking, is looking." 

In order to assist in finding and experiencing this state of happiness we would like to make available a very special program known as, My life Matters. This program has completely transformed the lives of so many. 

The My Life Matters Program has been written as a gift for everyone wishing to begin a new chapter in their book of Life that they may come to experience and hold the presence of Love and Happiness as a permanent state of existence.

  • The Program enable us to experience a new level of contentment and fulfilment in our life. 
  • It enables us to experience life with a new awareness and positive energy, increasing our ability to cope and achieve. 
  • It expands our inner vision and understanding allowing us to clearly see solutions to life’s situations.
  • It enables us to experience changes within our self, improving our inner state of sensitivity and quality of communication in relationships.
  • It develops our creativeness, while opening windows of opportunity beyond our imagination. 
  • It cultivates inner stability, freedom and love, giving us the tools to develop immunity to adversity.

The Program consists of ten modules that when adopted, dissolves depression, stress, fear, anger, violence and that which may otherwise be preventing us from knowing the great person we really are, reaching our true potential and achieving our true purpose of this life.

The Ten Modules are:

          1.  The Purpose of Life.                    4.  Freedom from Fear.                                7.  Our True Potential.  
          2.  The Pains of Life.                         5.  Forgiveness.                                              8.  Children the Gift of Life.
          3.  The Mind.                                      6.  Personal and Family Life.                        9.  How to Cultivate Virtues. 
                                                                                                                                               10.  Love is the Healer of all.

 Please advise us of how this special program has helped you or any questions you may have.
Thank you

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