Welcome Australia
A Humanitarian Benevolent Charity Dedicated to the Upliftment & Education of those in Crisis or Overwhelmed by Life's Circumstances. Est 1995.

May Everyone Be Happy

Join us and make a difference

Welcome Australia, welcomes everyone with an open heart, that we may share with you new insights and solutions that will contribute to the upliftment and happiness of your life as we recognise that the pursuit of happiness is paramount to all Australians. 
We invite you to become involved in the upliftment of your life, your families life, your community by utilising, volunteering or working with any of our Services, Programs and Projects or to our stance on Human Rights and Social Justice issues.

If  who wish to either support,  partake or partner with us to please  express your area of interest, experience and or qualifications below and forward to us. Thank you.
Message & Expressions of Interest.
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