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A Humanitarian Benevolent Charity Dedicated to the Upliftment & Education of those in Crisis or Overwhelmed by Life's Circumstances. Est 1995.

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Home Rescue Package

Home Mortgage Rescue Pachage
Presently Being Established.

Welcome Australia recognises that many Australians have lost their home or on the verge of losing their homes, many of whom have been signed into loans which they neither understood nor could afford. In many cases the accounting process has been molded to suit the loan criteria of a bank or financial institution. If you are such an individual or family or you are aware of anyone about to lose their home because such situations,  please  Contact Us.

Although these Loans may appear to be normal financial products, they can leave the innocent customer homeless in a very short period of time. 

The victims are often asset rich and income poor, who suffer in silence not knowing which way to turn. These products have for many years have been promoted and marketed by lenders to low income families and pensioners in Australia where bank trained agents have altered figures to fit loan criterias, thus leading to only one posible outcome, the loss of their home.
Our research has led to the discovery of alarming evidence of banks engaging in and profiting from imprudent lending practices such as maladministration, unjust contracts, unsuitable loans, breaches of the banking code and other protective laws. 

We are concerned that these agencies set up to protect the Australian people appear to have been funded by the very banks and financial institutions they are appointed to investigate or that members appointed to the boards of these agencies have previously been employed as executives of the bank or financial institutions they are obliged to investigate.

Further, it is evidenced, that in many case agencies such as FOS the Financial Ombudsman Services draw out cases under dispute for up to two years whilst the banks continue to charge compounding interest that will eventually lead to the home being questionably obtained by the bank.     
Welcome Australia contends, that once a case has been put into and accepted as a legitimate dispute by an agency such as ASIC or FOS, then all charges and interest rates must be frozen while all facts relating to case are investigated by an impartial and financially independent qualified legal team in the shortest possible time frame. 
Welcome Australia is deeply concerned with the banks very lucrative practice of conversion, from soft digital currency to hard currency, (your home), that continues to stand as normal business practice without  investigation, judicial review or consequence.  

Please click here to see Welcome Australia's published Submission to the Senates Standing Committee on Economics Nov 2013.   ​​
We are presently working to establish an optional plan to rescue families and save their homes.    

Draft Concept
Welcome Australia's Home Finance Rescue Plan

Become a Trustee
Welcome Australia invites those who are in a financial position to become a Welcome Family Home Trustee.

That is: 

 *  The Trustee or Trustees become the new financier of a chosen mortgagee unable to meet their present mortgage repayments.

 * The Trustees will receive remuneration far in excess of the interest rates offered by a bank.

 *  The Home Mortgage Rescue Package is managed under the auspices and within the structure of Welcome Australia Limited in conjunction with the chosen Credit Union or Building Society.

 *  Where the home owner has been made redundent or is without work, Welcome Australia though a network of bussinesss will secure employment to adequately meet Trustee repayments.

 * Welcome Australia will, prior to the engagement of Trustees, work with the home owners to present an income and expenditure statement showing there is and will continue to be ample funds to meet Trustee repayments   

 *  This program is based purely on giving those who wish to contribute to the upliftment of fellow Australians the opportunity to do so, through rescuing a family in distress.


 *  One or more Trustees may pool, in order to finance one particular home loan.

 *  The Trustees loans to chosen families are secured by the property itself.

 *  The Home owners will pay a monthly set fee in place place of interest charges.

Welcome Australia will also receive a moderate fee for administration and expansion of the program.
The family rescue package is offered at terms that allow the repayments to be within a manageable framework of the family's income.

To become a Trustee, please   contact us  in confidence. Thank you.

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