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Harm No Child

Children are the purest gift of life. A great gift given to two special people in order to experience so much love, empath, patience, caring, tolerance and understanding. Children mould and teach parents the simple principles of life.
As we allow ourselves to share these great moments with our children, and as we are able to enter a level of oneness and open heartedness with them, then both the children’s hearts and the parent’s hearts become filled with so much joy and so much love, for themselves and each other.

Children may be likened to precious roses, while the parents are the caretakers maintaining their direction upwards in order that they may blossom into full bloom with beautiful perfumes. Children require the love and protection of both parents to be present where possible in order to attain this understanding and awareness of their individual roles about to be played in the future of their childrens development. 

The intimate and spontaneous nature of our children should always be paramount. This nature should be cultivated and allowed to flow freely without restriction, interferenceor, abuse or harm. This nature is the channel of all future communication, affection and love. 

When these channels are preserved, keeping them open and in tact, then, we will always be able to enjoy the subtle gentle dance and smile of our children’s lives.  The oneness and interaction of our children's nature is perhaps one of the greatest aspects and gifts we are ever able to give each other. We should never allow it to be abused or crushed.

Children have a birth right to reach their full potential without harm, yet we find their young lives are continually subjected to a myriad of abuse and harm, not only by some parents but by many ignorant and or in denial of their actions which are responsible for many forms of abuse, violence and harm against children. 

This abuse is alive world wide.
The organization's primary objectives are to educate and increase public awareness, assist law enforcement and other legal entities to prevent and reduce pedophilia, human sex trafficking and child sexual abuse. ​

Welcome Australia's compassion, empathy and love for all children to grow and develop in the environment of love to reach their full potential and realise their purpose in life, have committed us to initiate the project 'Harm No Child'.  

Welcome Australia does not, and will never welcome the notion, risk or possibility that our children, the future of humanity, may or could have their fullest potentials suppressed or be made “mediocre” by design or maniplated and not nurtured. Welcome Australia,  will always work to protect the lives of defenceless and innocent children.

Welcome Australia will prepare a Private Members Bill for Parliament to cement in Law an Act that will protect every aspect of a child’s creation, to include  biological, physical,  emotional, psychic or spiritual from all forms of harm of which there is to be no exception. The details of this Bill will be published when completed.

Children have no boundaries as to what they can achieve when nurtured in the environment of love and free from all forms of harm. 

Please take a moment to hug your children and assess the loving environment which you have created for them to develop, grow and reach their full potential and goals in life.  

Here is an extraordinary example of what an unharmed child can achieve.



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