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May Everyone Be Happy

Happy Family Life

Welcome Australia recognises the importance of family life which has been the basis of stable communities and stable societies for centuries. Stable and happy families are essential for maintaining our children’s development and for future generations.

Family life can provide a rich mixture of experiences for children, providing them with a stable environment for love, growth, learning, patience, understanding, nurturing, development and support.

The following are exerts from the 'MyLifeMatters' program. 
When both parents give their children regular individual time, the child’s heart expresses a huge sigh of relief and gratitude. The child truly becomes alive and a more holistic part of the family, they flow and develop with such reassurance and love. If this has not been an activity in our children’s lives, no matter the age or the time, to begin now will still bring great rewards. Some key ingredients nutritious for children to be cultivated by parents are; the practice within the family of, patience, understanding, consideration, awareness, gentleness, affection, honesty, forgiveness, unselfishness, manners and respect. All these ingredients are characteristics of love.
In order to enjoy a great and happy family life, our personal life must be in order. No family is able to enjoy such a great and happy family life if one or both parents are not together within themselves, or if one or both parents are experiencing the effects of ill health or past pains or displaying dysfunctional or addictive behaviour.
For our personal life to be in order, it is important that we are whole and complete within ourselves as a person. That we are balanced, honest, trustworthy, stable, responsible, aware of life and the skills required for parenting and family life. That we are not codependent on substance’s or other such weaknesses that may deprive us the opportunity of experiencing that beautiful life we may have otherwise enjoyed.
A family is able to function very well when the two parents realise, understand, know and experience who they really are within themselves. When their focus is turned inward they experience great joy, abundance and harmony in their lives. These great qualities are in turn reflected into the lives of their children 
However, a family with its vision turned outward, relying on worldly possessions for attaining happiness, will never find or attain lasting peace. While a focus is turned outward everything that is attained is only momentary, the hearts are never satisfied. They will walk over each other and others to acquire what they consider to be self-satisfying, or to get their way or to control others. The causes and the consequences of their outer focus are hidden from them and are portrayed as being normal.
It is unfortunate that modern society has actively promoted a world of outer focus, outer acquisition and outer sense gratification. When these same desires are able to be fulfilled a thousands times greater when our focus is turned within.
Our personal lives are a reflection of our inner state in which we exist at any point in time. The degree of happiness and contentment which we experiencing at this moment in our lives, is directly resulting from our own good actions, words or thoughts. Everything we experience in our lives, seen or unseen, aware or unaware has somehow been created by us or results from an environment that we have been exposed to. 
Self-respect and self-honour are two very important ingredients required to be present in our personal lives. Respect and honour are both very deep expressions of love, they stand very clear and firm within themselves. The more we cultivate love in our lives, respect and honour solidify themselves as part of our knowing of who we really are. They become well established within our character.  When we allow self-respect and self-honour to become alive in our lives then their great energy spontaneously influences every thing and everyone around us.

Everone wants to be happy and experience love.

So where do we find this love?
According to modern philosophy promoted by today’s society.  Love appears to be only found in the arms of another.  Love seems to be something we seek from another to make us feel good, to makes us feel secure and allow us to express our inner most physical desires.  This love also embraces caring, understanding, kindness, patients and other good qualities, for as long as it suits, or as long as things go ones way. 
The cry of every human Heart is to bath in the fire of Love.

This fire of Love burns within each of us as a great inferno. This Love waits patiently for that special moment when we finally fling open our doors of resistance and welcome it to burst into our lives and to penetrate every aspect of our being. Once we are able to reach this point, we may well experience the energy of this Love fluttering through our cheeks and into the upper region of our heads. 
Love is, infinite patience, it is always within us just waiting to be released.  This energy of Love when realised, will heal all.  For once this dormant energy of Love becomes awakened within us, then all blockages may eventually be dissolved. This process becomes a reality as a result of our developing our own inner practices with one-pointed focus and determination.

When Unworthiness, Envy, Resentment, Greed, Desire, Arrogance or I Am the Controller, take hold, they very subtly draw our lives into a vacuum of constriction, we become overwhelmed and bound by an energy field alien to the experience of freedom for which we search.
  The greatest form and quality of life that we are able to offer ourselves, is experienced through the spontaneous expression of our own hearts. The source of this creative expression flows as nectar from a great well of love that lays waiting within every human heart.  When we are able to taste, but a drop of this nectar our lives enter an entirely new faze of expansion and quality of life. A quality of life that we may have only dreamed about. From this experience we enthuse quality into and out of everything we do, everything we think and everything we say.

In order to expand and cultivate this nectar of the heart, we require a silent time to become part of our every day life, a time to drop into stillness and be with our true uncluttered selves. When have found a quiet place to sit, we may close our eyes and become aware of the breath, focusing on the in breath, filling it with so much love, then, directing that love on the out breath into part of our being. Allow this process to continue as long as our heart wishes. We may drop into a state of stillness experiencing the presence of a beautiful energy that is completely embellishing. This energy is the energy of pure love, our own individual pure love, it is the love of our own hearts that we have always longed for.

When we welcome this energy of love to stay with us, it becomes more permanent part of us each time we revisit, we begin to experience our hearts contentment and wear a smile as we witness so many aspects of our inner and outer lives changing for the better. When both parent are able to sit in silence together or seperate and follower this process, then eventually we have two hearts smiling. All differences and blockages are melted away for both to become embelished in this great fire of love. One can well imagine inner happiness and love experienced by the entire family when the children regardless of age are invited to cultivate this practice as part of their lives.  END.
Food for thought.

Can a Marriage really breakdown? Or is it one or both of the couples that actually breakdown within themselves?

Can one ever fall out of love for the other? Or do they literally fall out of accepting the behaviour of another that may well have become unacceptable? 

No matter the individual family situation, every one is able to reclaim their lives and make a fresh beginning by cultivating their individual fire of love within. All it takes is the commitment and inner steel of a warrior to claim and function from within what they already own.   

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May Everyone Be happy
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