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Fundraising for Cancer Patients

Australia's Cancer Crisis.

Australia is presently experiencing a Tsunami of Cancer from infants to the elderly, it appears no age group is spared.

World Health Organisation: Cancer Rate Data show's Australia has worst in the world.

AUSTRALIA has become the cancer capital of the world and experts say we must beat the obesity bulge to tackle the deadly disease.
An international comparison has puts Australia ahead of New Zealand, North America and Western Europe in terms of cancer rates, and nearly double the global average.

Cancer Stats in Australia.​​
Australian Government – Cancer Australia.
In 1982 The number of new cases of cancer diagnosed were 47,440 (25,420 males and 22,020 females)
In 2013, there were 124,465 new cases of cancer diagnosed in Australia (68,936 males and 55,529 females).
In 2017, it is estimated that 134,174 new cases of cancer will be diagnosed in Australia (72,169 males and 62,005 females).

Figure 1: Estimated age-specific incidence and mortality rates for all cancers combined, by sex, 2017
Ref. Cancer Australia Statistics. 

It appeared that in 2014 everyone knew someone with Cancer. Three years later in 2017, it appears that everyone knows someone in their family with Cancer.

Often loved ones are taken from their families years before their time, resulting in a cloud of sadness and heartbreak spread across the country. Many do not have the financial means to seek the care they need and are left to die humiliating and often lonely deaths.

Welcome's Funding for Cancer Patient Care 

Welcome Australia recognises the pain being experienced by cancer patients and therefore has commenced special fundraising projects specifically to help provide funds for those who do not have the financial means for therapy or care in such circumstances. 

Welcome's Cancer Patient Care project.  We wish to offer cancer patients to oportunity for consultation and to experience our special relaxing therapy that has helped so many. At present this is available on the Gold Coast, Queensland only.

In addition, our goal is to provide special convalescent facilities,  where cancer patients will experience tranquility and exceptional loving care to assist in their recovery. 

* If you or a family member or friend has Cancer and would like to stay at a special facility that we have partnered with to provide this service. You are welcome to contact us.

* If this project resonates with you and you would like to assist, become involved or contribute in any way, please advise us of your skills or how you would like to help. For this, we sincerely thank you.

 Our principal fundraising is our Online MyFamilyHealth Store which draws from over ten thousand chemical free and organic products that we have delivered to your door both within Australia and overseas. 

Crowd Funding

Crowdfunding is presently being established to import two energy therapy systems to assist those in need.

Please visit MyEnergyHealth 

The importance of staying healthy and alive with chemical and toxic-free food and products is paramount.

We welcome you to visit and support this wonderful project by shopping at 

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