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Dissolution of Violence

Dissolution of Violence 

The purpose of this Program is to address the escalating level of Violence Including Domestic Violence sweeping Australia and the world in the 21st century.

People experiencing a wide range of violent behaviours or tendencies who have attended our special program over the past fifteen years, still live in a state of inner calmness free from all violent behaviours.

Our program respects everyone, it does not psycho-analyse or cross examine or intrude into ones personal or private lives as there is no need. 

If you or someone close to you are experiencing violent behaviours or tendencies, please feel free to contact us in confidence. Thank you. 

Here are the Objects;

* To work hands on with violent perpetrators and those experiencing violent tendencies to dissolve their rage and heal their damage and pain responsible for creating such violent behaviour.

* To provide specalised programs to help individuals in distress and suffering from the effects of all forms of violence.
* To hold seminars for groups effected by specific types of violence.

*  To identify with all aspects of violent behaviours, their sources, their influences and their outcomes.
* To identify and research history of those whom have been served with DVO/AVO Violence Orders, the accusations, the purpose, the causes,  the validity, the affect and the outcome. 
* To compile a database from research gathered, of violent behaviour and tendencies in relation to the influence of; personal subjection to violence, subconscious environmental contamination, conditioning and programing of individuals by exposure all forms of media violence, nutritional deficiency, the invasion of foreign toxic substances or materials prescribed, coerced to ingest or forced upon such individuals. Many such substances clearly state that one may display homicidle or suicidal tendencies.
* To educate students, young adults, pending marital couples, families and communities as to the causes of violence together with methods to prevent and defuse violent behaviour.
* To promote the findings and conclusions of Welcome Australia’s research to the people of Australia and to Local, State and Federal Government

Questions and Answers about Violence

Today’s Society may well appear to have been consumed by violence and the consequence of it. In fact, the entire world appears to be struggling to cope with the devastation, sadness and misery it brings. And yet violence continues to escalate at an alarming rate to incomprehensible levels.

We may well ask:

·       Why do we have violence in our Society?
We have Violence in our society as a result of violence being embraced, accepted, taught, enjoyed and utilised by those responsible for administrating and guiding our Society. Weapons and violence are an inaugural philosophy of defence, law enforcement or control over others etc.

·       How is this behaviour learned?  
Violent behaviour becomes learned by an individuals psyche` being exposed to it. Either by; receiving acts of violence, witnessing acts of violence, entertained by acts of violence or employed and trained in the area of violence.

·       Is Violence addictive?
Violence is highly addictive as the accumulation of it in ones subconscious memory cultivates an appetite for it. Violence then becomes a spontaneous form of expression for frustration, anger, greed and desire.

·       What makes violence so volatile?
The seeds of violence contain energy, that when accumulated in a controlled environment becomes explosive.

·       What is done to compensate the victims of Violence?
In western society very little is done to compensate victims of violence, this may be due to ignorance, lack of empathy, visualised costs or implementation of an holistic approach.

.    Compensation Plan: All perpetrators of violent actions against another must be held accountable and responsible for all the financial costs required by their victim to restore health, property damages and all associated costs not restricted to time limitations. Where the aggressor is imprisoned they must be put to work to earn such monies for their victims. Further, the aggressor be given the opportunity to visit and apologise to their victims.

·       What steps are taken to curtail Violence?  
Incarceration or monetary fines are implemented by western society as the primary method of punishment for violence. The constant promotion of these methods are utilised to curtail violence.

·       How does Society treat violent offenders?

·       Are violent offenders accountable for their actions by providing compensation to their victims?

·       How sincere is the intention of our Society to truly address Violence?

·       Who gains from violence?

·       Has Violence become a vested interest for a certain sector of Society?


No matter how we view violence, violence is still violence regardless of its degree or intensity, from the violence of a child to that of a nation, there is no separation of its essence, or its source.

Violence is driven by the energy created by its content or evolves from those who hold it within themselves. This may be an individual, an organisation or a nation. Regardless of our justification of it, violence still remains violence; it is a totally unnatural act, although it appears we have come to accept it as a normal form of expression, characteristic to human nature. Where in fact it is alien to human nature. 

Acts of violence committed either in war or in terrorism are both acts of extreme barbarianism, where both sides are well equipped to justify their intentions for such actions. As long as mankind employs violence as a solution to attain an outcome to a situation, then the only possible response is that of violence, either in resistance, defense or retaliation.

Never has lasting peace been attained or maintained via the employment of violence. Although history records the elimination of certain races, communities and populations by extreme violence to cleans, cripple, wipe-out or render a nation helpless, the consequence of these aggressive actions eventually return to balance the scales of life, in one form or another. Violence can never be justified.

Violence comes in many abusive and invasive forms; eg. Physical, sexual, emotional, mental, manipulative, substance, scientific and neurological. Human violence is an action against oneself or another that inflicts pain, harm or devastation.

Violence is rooted in Fear, it is also closely related to Frustration, Anger, Greed and Desire. These four behaviours co-exist requiring the support of each other to fuel their intention. When frustration, anger, greed or desire becomes unfulfilled or denied from attaining their objectives, they invariably retaliate with that which is stored in the subconscious memory, usually violence. For an individual to commit violence at least one of these four elements are visibly present.

One of the most basic fundamental principals to understand about violence is that violence is a learned or taught behaviour. It is alien to our inherent nature, for a child is not born violent, it has been taught this behaviour. This learned behaviour is absorbed by youngsters from the moment of conception and stored in their subconscious memory and every living cell.

Control or Management of Violence or Anger. 

The accumulation of violent images, messages, learned behaviours, or acts of violence committed against an individual or those close to them remain stored in the layers of that individuals subconscious memory. When we add to these memories, rejection, abandonment, abuse, suppression, frustration, absence of developmental love, caring, nurturing, understanding and trust, we have a cocktail or the perfect recipe for an internal explosion.

These memories may also be released into the individuals mind to become alive and relived as a result of the body experiencing hormonic changes, stress, alcohol drugs or some medications. However there is very little information taught or explained as to this biological evolvement.

The accumulation of learned or suffered violent behaviour lies dormant until it becomes awakened or triggered by an event or circumstances energised by anger, greed or desire the three components of fear.

Any attempt to control, manage, psycho analyse or suppress this build up of deep subconscious energy of pain results in intensifying the volatility of its reaction.

Violence and Anger within an individual cannot be managed or controlled, it must be disolved from within the individual.

“Violence is not rooted in gender but in the turbulent history of an individual.” ( Rev. Bunny Selwell, (Twenty- five study of Family Violence. Winner of World Peace Award.)

Has Violence Become Big Business?

Violence has now become a Multi Billion Dollar Industry as well as a Vehicle for the Psycho-engineering of Society.
Violence is a characteristic of the Reptilian Brain, promoted by every medium available. It forms a gravity field binding an individual to a life of animalistic behaviour devoid from any connection to empathy, reasoning, compassion or love.

Altering Human Behaviour.

Human behaviour has been increasingly altered over the past four decades via three principal mediums.
 *  The intensification of the use of thousands of chemicals introduced to water, beverages, processed and fresh food.
 *  The  content and messages contained within every aspect of media.
 *  The content of ingredients such as adjuncts contained within vaccines as binders and preservatives and other such medications.
Precise examples of these behaviour altering mediums will be display on this page in the near future.

Welcome Australia's Dissolution of Violence Program literally dissolve all violent tendencies within an individual.

For inquiries regarding group or individual sessions, please  Contact Us.
Thank you.

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