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Dissolution from Bullying

Welcome Australia's Dissolution from Bullying Project address the underlying causes that drive an individual to become a bully.

Bullying is a learned behaviour absorbed into the psyche of children from various mediums including the home environment and all forms of media entertainment. An infant is not born a bully although it is possible for an infant to be born disturbed and or traumatised if it has been exposed to a violent environment or deprived of love during the developmental period in the womb.

An infants spirit also becomes traumatised and extremely upset when it experiences toxic substances invading their defenseless little bodies knowing that such toxins will severely diminish their ability to achieve and realise their true potential and purpose of life. This deep down trauma and upset can only but expand especially if the child is subjected to having more toxins forced upon them. It may be experienced as a spiritual form of rage that cannot be contained indefinitely before breaking free. 

Love is the vital food for infants and the developing child as they quickly become aware and experience abandonment or something missing deep inside them. Likewise they also become aware and frustrated when they find themselves unable to grasp simple tasks or understandings that other children around them appear to grasp so much quicker, they may become withdrawn or even at such an early age lash out or scream at the slightest upset.

However as such children develop and grow so do any unaddressed underling issues including various forms of brain paralysis caused by the invasion of toxic substances such as mercury.  

An individual who expresses their inner disturbances via bullying those weaker than themselves must take responsibility for their actions. Once their inner pain, conditioning, frustrations and toxicity have been addressed, the bully must apologise to their victim and offer to compensate in some form. To physically beat a bully for their actions will only exacerbate the bully's internal rage. 

If a bully's internal condition is not addressed by themselves or by those who fully understand the holistic nature of what has taken place then the bully may well continue to bully throughout their lives, perhaps progressing to become a psychopathic bully in whatever position they may hold in life. 

Fortunes can be spent on anti-bullying campaigns and programs with little or no lasting change.  

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