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Bright Students Program

Bright Students Program

Welcome's Student Program transforms struggling and average students into bright students by providing them with the opportunity to learn, experience and develop their individual creativeness and the awareness of their own greatness. This program releases students from their personal pains and stresses, which occupy so much of their mental capacity, affecting their ability to absorb and understand information given in the classroom. The program also continues to offers students back up and support as they progressively unfold into young adults.

Participation. This program requires students to actively participate by recording in a journal, their day-to-day changes and experiences as they progress through the course. They will also be encouraged to recall and record daily incidences for which they are grateful. Students are also encouraged to actively participate with questions and discussion.

Procedure. The program consists of ten modules, each of one and a half hour’s duration. Each module takes the students on a journey of self-discovery to give them a direct experience of their own greatness, in which they eventually may become established. The student programs are available to be conducted within the school day, or at specific venues outside school hours.

Student Benefits. The program presents to students the opportunity to become free from that, which causes them the pains, anxieties, stress, depressions and every day traumas.  The program cultivates the positive aspects of the student’s life together with the necessary skills to maintain the changes that they experience.

Students participating in the program will experience calmness in their lives with a strong awareness of contentment. They will also experience an increase in awareness and ability to understand and retain information in the classroom. They will notice a dramatic increase in their marks and their ability to approach and undertake assignments with a clear mind. Students become more tolerant and patient towards their family and friends while teachers, respond with a sigh of relief.

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