Welcome Australia
A Humanitarian Benevolent Charity Dedicated to the Upliftment & Education of those in Crisis or Overwhelmed by Life's Circumstances. Est 1995.

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Affordable Sustainable Homes

Affordable Fully Sustainable Housing Project
( Presently being established.)

Australia is currently experiencing a MAJOR Housing Crisis.

The escalating land prices, building costs and interest rate rises, has put housing affordability out of reach of these families as well as many first home buyers.
There is also a huge demand for affordable Rental properties with Rents predicted to increase by up to 50% over the next 2-3 years.

The “Housing Crisis” has impacted on many families - Divorce, Separation, and even Suicides

The Objectives of Welcome Australia’s Humanitarian Housing Project are;

* To design and build complete packages of Affordable, Quality, Sustainable, Environmental and Smart Homes for the many thousands of less fortunate and struggling families throughout Australia.
* To source and purchase undeveloped parcels of land at the very minimum   price possible for subdividing into individual cost effective house lots for the project.
* To enter into partnerships with the Federal, State, Local Governments and Developers in order to provide homes for Australia families in crises.
* To raise capital via Tax Deductible Donations to Welcome Australia’s Humanitarian Trust Fund.
 Welcome Australia Sees the NEED to ASSIST with Urgency!
Mission Statement
The Mission Statement of the established of the project is:

* To provide affordable housing for those suffering hardship or in crisis.
* To design and build homes of high quality yet low maintenance.
* To design and build self-sustainable homes utilising smart technology.
* To design and build homes thermostatically stable and fire resistant.
* To design and build homes in harmony with the environment and natural resources.
* To design and build non-toxic homes sensitive to the wellbeing and health of families.
* To design and build homes that provide privacy, space and peace of mind.

Business Management and Experience.
Welcome Australia’s Humanitarian Housing Project is managed by a group of business and community minded citizens whose individual Portfolios consist of in excess of 40 years in the building, construction and management industries. Their collective experiences include constructions of multi story hospitals, high-rise office and apartment buildings, complete housing estates as well as individual architectural designed homes.

The culmination of their vast experience and involvement within their respected communities has allowed them insight into the heart of community life, social behaviours and housing needs. Thus enabling them to design and develop carefully considered plans for an interactive network of community estates or individual dwellings.
Skills and Training.

Skills and Training in the building industry will be available to unemployed individuals either with experience or without.

We are open to discussing patnerships with like minded building companies. Please  Contact Us.

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