Welcome Australia
A Humanitarian Benevolent Charity Dedicated to the Upliftment & Education of those in Crisis or Overwhelmed by Life's Circumstances. Est 1995.

May Everyone Be Happy

Welcome Australia

Welcome Australia Limited is a A Humanitarian Benevolent Charity Dedicated to the Upliftment & Education
of those in Crisis or Overwhelmed by Life's Circumstances. Est 1995..  ACNC Reg. Charity

Since the beginning of time Great Beings have taught
“There is nothing greater, than to Welcome Everyone with an Open Heart"
Hence the name ‘Welcome’. 

Welcome Australia Limited is dedicated to the upliftment and education of those in crisis or in despair or overwhelmed by lifes circumstances. Welcome Australia promotes peace, reconciliation and understanding, while embracing all Australians with respect and dignity regardless of circumstances, race or creed.

Welcome Australia recognises the importance of happy and stable families and relationships, for they are the environment for well-balanced children to develop and grow. This is the bases of happy communities.

Welcome Australia, has for many years have assisted individuals and families experiencing crisis or overwhelmed by situations and unable to cope. Our personal hands on assistance of preparing documents, accompanying them to tribunals, courts or various appointments as well as providing foods or supplements and attending programs, have restore stability and harmony back into the lives of those in crisis.  These services, programs and projects also provide the infrastructure for the future development for the expanded awareness of vunerable people as a preventative measure.  

Our research clearly shows that people’s major challenges in their lives today are; the ever increasing struggle due to the high financial cost of living, their individual frustration created by their inability to express their natural talents either through their employment or private lives, the level of hardship caused by family breakups, the overall health collapse, the escalating levels of suicide, violence and crime. 

This level of intimate involvement with the community has allowed us insight into the heart of what is truly required. 

Welcome Australia’s proactive Community Programs also address the escalating levels of crime and violence, the soul of depression, together with the epidemic of family dissolution, which has resulted in excess of two million Australian children being separated from a vital parent as well as the security of their future family life. Many of the dysfunctional behaviours we witness today are a consequence of a thirty year plus erosion of the basic principals and values of cohabitation. These issues are recognized as the fastest growing monetary drains upon modern society.

Welcome Australia, wishes to assist in re-establishing stability in  the lives of those suffering in order that they may reach their full potential whilst providing them with the skills and tools that may enable their lives to stress free and enriched. 

Meeting Community Needs.
Welcomes' programs are specifically designed to provide assistance, education, skills and social infrastructure, containing ethics, self-awareness, inner happiness, health, prosperity, stability and social responsibility. The programs enables individuals to become uplifted and changed within themselves rather than relying on social assistance.

Welcome Australia has unfolded from the collaborative and intuitive awareness that stems from the fundamental principles and the sound logic of creative solutions. Welcome Australia has adopted a humane approach of encouragement, caring, respect, tolerance and the right of every individual to know and experience happiness, stability, love, creativeness, with the opportunity to reach their full potential.

Evidence of Success.
People who have participated in Welcome Australia’s programs have experienced significant upliftment and change in their lives.  Many have, for the first time in so long, experienced happiness and are able to look forward to creating a productive and harmonious future.

WELCOME AUSTRALIA'S Mission Statement.

   1.   To uplift those suffering and in pain, regardless of the cause.
   2.   To design and implement programs, free of charge to assist those suffering from;  distress, anxiety, depression, anger, violent tendencies, misfortune, loss of family, homeless and ill health.
   3.   To stabilise, educate and preserve child, family, business and community life. 
   4.   To promote peace, reconciliation and understanding to all communities.
   5.   To embrace all Australians with an open heart, regardless of race or creed.
   6.   To refrain from Government funding for day-to-day operations.
   7.   To implement self-sustaining methods of income.
   8.   To encourage the involvement and backing of the business community by donations and support.

We invite organisations and individuals interested in partnering in any of our services, programs or projects to assist in the upliftment of their community, to please forward full details of such. Thank you.  Contact Us.